What would it mean to you to have a book of stories and recollections from one of
your grandparents, or great-grandparents?  A journal or their life's story?

Wouldn’t it mean a great deal to you to have a collection like this?
Wouldn’t that be one of the greatest gifts you could receive?

   +  What if an ancestor could come back and tell you, in their own words, what
        life was like for them, what joys they experienced, what hardships they had
        to overcome, and the lessons they learned? 

    + You will be that ancestor some day. Someone will be looking back at your life,
        and wishing they knew you better. Will your stories and memories live on for
        future generations, or be lost forever?

Let your history live on.  Help your grandchildren, and their children benefit from
"knowing you."  Your great grandchildren will want to know much about you.  It's
important to them.  You are their history.  What you did, thought, or accomplished
yesterday is a link to the past for a future generation.  Help them gain perspective
in their own lives.  Help them to know who they are by knowing who you were.
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